Monday, April 30, 2012

May savings, Basset style (which means, the lazy way)

In my quest to lose this extra weight that I've gained from my lack of exercise and HORRIBLE eating habits (I don't do all caps lightly, people), I am implementing a series of changes. This first, to begin cooking again. I also want to incorporate more salads and fruit into our lives, which can be rinsed in the colander. Sad thing is, I highly prefer a spinner but haven't had one for quite some time. Enter, the Kohl's coupons!

When I was younger, I learned the value of sales/clearance shopping. Stocking up with holiday essentials is cheap and easy with after holiday sales, always ensuring the ability to always participate fully without exorbitant spending. So far, I am fully stocked for next Christmas and Valentine's Day (I can take pictures but it's not pretty...yet).

Back to shopping for every day things. I love Kohl's (I'm not getting paid to say this, either). Mostly because I love the Vera Wang line that they carry, but I do love the rest of it. And the best part is that I spend enough money there (my wardrobe is split between there and Target) that I get extra coupons in the mail. I almost always have a 20 or 30 percent off coupon in my coupon book, just waiting to be spent.

The thing about Kohl's is to never, ever, ever, buy anything at full price. They have so many sales that you will almost always get what you want at a lower price. Combine one of their sales for 20% off and a coupon for 20% or 30% off and you have a deal! And on top of that, if you wait and buy those large ticket items during certain promotion times, they will give you a coupon for a certain amount of money ($10 for every $50 spent on your purchase).

Today, the GG and I realized that we had Kohl's cash that was to expire on a busy night of mine so off we went to the store. We were originally going to buy a Dyson, but found the same model on Amazon for a lot cheaper. We decided to peruse the kitchen section, my favorite part of the store.

Voila! Our booty for the night.

Full price~$49.99

Full price~$39.99

What was our final price for both including tax? $11.11!

GG has been asking to get more food storage containers (helps with leftovers and healthy snacks) forever and when we saw the ones with air tight sealed snapping lids, he went for them. 

$11.11. That's a savings of about $79 all gained by paying attention to the dates on the coupons (20% off), catching a little sale (I don't remember how much it was, sorry!), and using some Kohl's cash from a previous purchase ($50). Sure, they do it to encourage shopping at their stores, but quality wares at cheap prices always makes me a return customer. I don't coupon in the least, besides what stores send me so when I get those types of savings, I get excited :D

The Basset and Mutt wonder if their mom will ever stop taking pictures of them

Side note...the newest member of the family is almost here! I can't wait!

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