Saturday, April 21, 2012

April encourages outside Bassetting

The time has come. I can no longer use my ankle as an excuse not to be proactive. Shucks! I only mention this as it means that my outside obligations are back in force. I even took the Basset out for a walk at the Farmer's Market this morning and she did great! I think she may yet have a future in therapy. Now back to the crafting. 
After my mad fit of crocheting and knitting, I started dabbling with stamping. While you may not know it by looking in my house or on my computers, I am very minimalist when it comes to my cards. The next few pictures will more than illustrate that point.

All of them can be found here.

I have several different card styles in the works as well as switching up the colors for the cupcakes, but for the last few weeks I just haven't been able to motivate myself to finish any one new style, even though my shop desperately needs them. Tonight though, I am planning out Mother's Day cards for my mom (herein referred to as Moogie) and the Gentle Giant's (his 6'2" to my slouchy 5'4 1/2" makes it seem that way, lol) mom . Even though we aren't even engaged, I don't think that she'll mind my making a card for him to send to her :) I am going to combine a few things, such as this front idea:

From this post by Jessica Rosario

My main attraction to this piece is the doily. I love those silly little paper things to death (see my suitcase here) but I am not inherently girly so my usage is a lot lower than I would like. I am also drawn to the stamping onto the doily and is also a major point for me.

The next example has me adoring the use of like shades and buttons:

Via this post (try as I might, I couldn't find the original on etsy)

I love tying my cards up in twine and finishing them off with a button and a bow and these cards completely take the cake! I have the perfect paper to put on the front of my white card stock as well. I haven't quite decided on the inside sentiments, but I figure that I can write my own while my GG writes his own.

Switching gears, I thought I'd show the point that I referenced to "creative space."
My creative space is actually the kitchen table. We used it twice maybe when we started dating and he had me over for breakfast and dinner (yes, he does cook for me :D ) but stopped doing so when we established our tradition of watching Law and Order: SVU during dinner, resulting in us being another couple who sits on the couch to eat at all meal times with the exception of having guests over. We have a rather large coffee table that makes it so easy and convenient and even served as my crafting table when I was couch bound.

This is what it looks like on the typical day, which makes the minimalist and tidy cards seem even weirder.

The jar of white liquid on the right is my home made mod podge with plastic wrap rubber banded over the top since the lid was mistakenly thrown out by someone -.- Hehe

There's the suitcase again. It is holding my yarn, doilies, and seasonal stuff (mostly Valentine's day themed items).

This one is my vantage point from sitting at the table. Really inspiring, right? *snort*
In the picture above, you can see my label maker, which I have been using to label everything. Even the boxes of envelopes are labeled on the top. This is by far the messiest point in the house and is unfortunately viewable from every vantage place in the house besides from inside the bedrooms and bathrooms. Seriously, every where. Even down the hallway *eek!*

And the last picture of the night is of the most helpful Basset who just wants to be included in making cards for her grandmas.

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