Monday, April 30, 2012

This Basset mama loves washi

As you may or may not know, this Basset mama volunteers with a local animal rescue, doing online networking as well as volunteering at adoption events (all breeds rescue). Today, we had an amazing couple drive three hours to just meet one of our puppies, a wire haired terrier mix. Well, long story short, they were so amazing and completely blew away one of our seasoned volunteers that they were able to take her home with them today. During all of this, a piece of paperwork was separated by a cashier and so we now need to mail it to them. What? Excuse to make a "dog" themed card? Don't mind if I do.

Mmmm, washi tape (and a few decorative)
Now, I'd seen plenty of cards using washi tape as banners, and I soooo have wanted to emulate them. So I gathered my meager supply and came up with a plan...

And got to work. I attempted to make them all different lengths and shapes at the ends...

 But I am neither extremely clever nor inventive so I ended up with this. I attempted to cut the triangle out of the bottom but I couldn't find quite the right template.

 For the look, try and lay the edges of the tape plush to each other so that the white of the card stock does not create a white space between them.

For the front accenting piece, I worked on and messed up a few concepts. I again used my scalloped edged circle punchout to make a white cutout to layer over a brown bigger one. I attempted to use a square thank you stamp and it just never lined up right with the rectangle edging so I scrapped that idea.

Enter, the adorable way too cheap stamp from China. 


I used dark blue ink for the stamp, using it as a safe color for her fathers and to match the tape.

I then glued it to a brown scallop edged cutout and plopped that on top, finishing up the simple card.

Next time, I think that I'll add some twine and maybe a few buttons but I didn't want to go too over the top on a "here's your paperwork" note.

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