Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stinky Bassets!

Hi, I'm Patty, and I'm addicted to buying candles.

It wouldn't be so bad if they were cheap candles from Walmart, but they're not. They're soy candles from two different companies, Diamond Candles and Hidden Treasures Candles. Both have a hook that many ladies, including me, find irresistible when paired with great scents. They have jewelry.

I'm a late bloomer as far as girly things go so my love for jewelry came late in life. I've always worn earrings but I've never quite been enthusiastic about the rest. Boy, has that changed.

I first happened upon Diamond Candles when a friend on FB bought one and I was intrigued. Since then, I have bought a total of 8 (one was an accidental double order) and have loved them all. Here are the rings that I have gotten out of them. 

I will be selling a few, probably both of the greens, the 3 clear stones, the pink one, and the purple one. I doubt that any of them have real stones, but it is sort of what is holding me back, especially with the purple. The gold ones I will keep for costume jewelry but they only fit my thumb and pinkie. 

Which brings up why Hidden Treasures Candles is so great. Necklaces fit everyone. You don't get the option of picking what size ring comes in your candle.

These are the two candles that I bought and the necklaces that came in them.

Both of the scents are fruity and smell great!

I guess that I should mention the prices. Full price for them is $25 for the candle and at least $5 for the shipping. You can almost always find a $5 off coupon for Diamond Candles and there are also some other great deals for coupons that float around.

And yes, I burn a lot of candles because the dogs get that outdoor dog smell after a long romp outside and in case you didn't know, Bassets shouldn't be bathed often. It strips their skin of the oils that keep their wrinkles moisturized.

Addie actually shared the couch with Kabir! She doesn't like anyone on the same cushion as her.