Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bassetting requires rest

As mentioned before, I had ankle surgery at the end of last month and I have been resting with my girls, and no one rests like a Basset. Bassets are the masters of this because they need it during their crazy fits of energy, running up and down the hallway and leaping through the air after their toys.

The blue bed is for Jeni and that darker area in the corner is her fur (it's hard vacuuming on crutches) where she has to sleep when Addie is in her bed.

On to crafts, I have had the opportunity to start and finish a few. I forgot to get my camera from the other room for the processes. The following are some of the things that I did.
This is a scarf I crocheted. It ended up being for Jeni even though Addie wants the attention for wearing it. I crocheted it with a random 5 or 6 hook and some yarn I had laying around from Walmart. Then, I took one of the extra buttons that come with your clothing in that little plastic baggy and sewed the ends together using it. It only lasted about 5 days and then Jeni started chewing on it.

We have learned that Addie has a penchant for crafting supplies and so we needed a quick solution to my scattered belongings in the living room. We found this old suitcase at a Salvation Army at a little over 3 dollars thanks to a half off sale (score!) and I decoupaged several paper doilies (10 for a little over $1) on both sides after cleaning it off. I am still working on finding fabric that I like well enough to replace the inside plain brown material.

This scarf was crocheted for Addie using a variation of the double stitch and secured in the same way as Jeni's, using an extra button from a purchased shirt.

Here's my first knitted piece, a washcloth, using the simple single stitch. The little flecks help to hide the imperfections that were caused by my inexperience.

This is my spring wreath that I meant to be hung up on my sheltered front stoop or somewhere in the house. I like having contrasts of the same things but not in equal portions. This is where my supplies fell on Addie's wrong side, as she seems to savor fake flowers. I bought several flower bunches from Michael's at $1.99 and one of the big pink flowers at $2.99. I also got a few sprigs of leaves that I affixed onto a wood wreath with super craft glue as well as wove them into the branches. They can also be hot glued in, but I don't like using hot glue over carpet (something about the guns burning the carpet, I know, crazy).

Right now, I'm crocheting a scarf as well as knitting another scarf on large needles (I) while I'm trying to figure out what next I should do with some new typewriter font stamps, pastel stamp pads, and decorative paper.

Last thought, who doesn't love craft shopping the clearance rack after a holiday? It's amazing!

And now, a few pictures of my prides and joys, one actually fitting in the other one's bed.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A wounded Basset Mama

It has been a few days since my last entry and it is because I had surgery last week. My tendons in my left ankle needed reconstructive work and as a result, I have been off my feet all week. More entries will happen, especially as my craftiness continues.

 Update: I added a picture taken within the first few days after my surgery (my mind is foggy). My leg is propped up to the left and she was extremely distressed that I had a loud pump connected to it from the floor.