Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bassets don't like to study

Just like the average Basset, I don't like to study. Unfortunately, I have to. This last week and a half has been spent doing so and so will the next few weeks so my craftiness is on hold.

I also have had a lot of time taken up by my newest addition to the family. His name, at the moment, is Lil' Bit Kabir Mr. Kitty Butters (it keeps getting added to) and he has had quite a few medical problems. I knew it was a possibility due to his age and probable poor nutrition for most of his life (10 years or so with his prior owner, a hoarder) but he has had it rough. He had to have 3 teeth pulled last week (he only has FOUR left) and has been so picky about what he ingests the last week that I've had to give him chicken broth to ensure that he is drinking fluids (really low sodium stuff). He may be more expensive, but my little guy is going to have the best retirement that I can give him!

Speaking of him, I entered him in a contest. I doubt that he'll win, especially with the poor quality photo, but I just had to do it to let others see his handsome smile! Please check out the link below the picture!

Click here!

If I ever do win a contest, it will definitely be put back into local animal rescues. I've gotten two of my loves from rescues and while they may have been "damaged" (not my choice of word) by having hard life experiences, so have I. I think that we're all better for it.

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