Monday, June 11, 2012

Bassets don't get pizza!

Funny enough, with my down tick in physical activity, my attention has become diverted!

GG loves pizza while I'm not so crazy about it. Call it overindulgence in my youth or my brain trying to save me from unhealthy choices, but traditional pizza just doesn't do it for me anymore. Digiorno's new meatball pizza isn't bad every once in a while, but once a week (although great for the budget) is just not my cup of tea.

Enter, eeeeeeasy pizza. Okay, slightly harder than popping a frozen already configured pizza in the oven, but not by much. 

I have two choices with my "homemade pizza," pizza or quesadilla style. Tonight was pizza style.

Naan (garlic adds a zing)
Marinara sauce (Lucini is recommended as the taste is phenomenal!)
Mozzarella cheese (always grate/shred your own, the pre-shredded stuff is coated with flour making it lousy for melting)

With the naan being pre-baked, it only takes 8 minutes on the "pizza" setting in the toaster oven to get the crispiness that we like. Of course it can be made in an oven, where it can also be set right on the rack (fewer dishes!) but when it's just GG and I, we like to save electricity. 

You know that a Basset is right off the side of this picture, begging her little heart out

While the healthiness of this dinner (there is a side of heated frozen veggies out of the picture) is debatable, at the moment I am going towards less frozen and boxed entrees and more "homemade" dinners. It's a work in progress, but it is progressing.

I also had a great day today as far as helping animals. Someone in town decided to give up their Basset and while we can't take another (it still hurts me to walk sometimes and I don't know what I'd do if he was a jumper) I decided to post him on my FB. Right away, a friend let her sister know, who has actually been looking for a Basset! This handsome guy could have met a horrible end (he was ftgh) but luckily, the good part of CL came out and he is headed to his new home this weekend!

End note, a friend of mine has asked me to design a card for her to use for her craft swaps.  I'm very curious to see what I come up with. She has great taste so I will be working my butt off to make it happen!

~And as always, a few goodnight pictures~

Jeni and Lil' Bit Kabir sharing a Basset's bed

The Bassetting Master

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